Woman wearing contact lenses

Not every contact lens will work with your eyes

Have the time taken to assess your individual vision needs to fit you with comfortable and appropriate contact lenses.

Contact lenses case

Get fitted with the perfect pair of contacts using the latest technology

You’ll receive personalized attention from Dr. Gousy when you are fitted with your custom contact lenses. Choose from a wide selection including:

  • Color contacts
  • Soft contacts
  • Toric
  • Multifocal
  • Gas permeable

Have a medical condition that requires contact lenses?

You may have a certain medical condition that you will benefit from wearing special contact lenses with, such as corneal irregularities or degeneration.

You’ll be skillfully fit with custom contacts that will improve your life and, in most cases, insurance will cover the entire cost.

Call anytime to inquire about custom contact lenses
offered at the office of Dr. Michael Gousy.


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